Transitional, permanent, and affordable housing

Safe and Supportive Homes

Bread of Life Ministries owns and operates 83 residential units through the Augusta, Maine area. We proud to offer a variety of units ranging from boarding room style living quarters to efficiencies to two- and three-bedroom units. Among what we have to offer is transitional housing units for those coming out of homelessness.

It is our goal to provide those in need with safe and affordable housing, and to provide support for tenants who are trying to better themselves.

It you are interested in housing, please fill out our housing application and email it to receptionist@mainebreadoflife.org, fax it to 207-621-6385, or drop it off at our main office located at 159 Water Street, Augusta, ME 04330. If you are unable to fill the application out on your computer or mobile device, or you are unable to print it, please contact our main office at 207-626-3434.

When submitting housing applications, please be sure that your application is completely filled out and copies of the supplemental documents needed are attached to the application. The final page of the application is an Augusta Police Department Background Check authorization that must be brought to The Augusta Police Department and filled out by a dispatcher on duty at the front desk. This is a free service.

Bread of Life Properties

Westman Village

Westman Village features 6 buildings on Littlefield Street. Four of the building contain six units each, and buildings 11 and 14, contain three units each. Twenty-three of BOLM's Westman Village units are standard 2-bedroom units. Five units are 2 bedrooms with McKinney Vento vouchers attached to them. The remaining two units are 3 bedrooms that meet ADA standards.

The Lawrence House

The Lawrence House is a boarding style facility that has 24 units in total. Of the twenty-three, there is a combination of single rooms, efficiencies with a kitchen and bathroom, and single rooms with private bathrooms. The final unit is a shared laundry room. Seven of the units have been newly renovated, and in the near future we hope to renovate the other seventeen remaining.

Located on Water Street, tenants are able to enjoy ever-improving downtown that now has a variety of new restaurants, diners, and shops.

Orchard Street

Our Orchard Street property consists of three units with 3 bedrooms each. The location is transitional housing and meant for people who were homeless. Vouchers are attached to the units, so outside vouchers are not accepted. The length of stay is intended to be limited to 2 years. Located just off of Western Avenue, tenants are within walking distance of a variety of grocery and department stores, and just down the street from an elementary school.

Crosby Street

Our Crosby Street property consists of four 2-bedroom units. This property is located near Water Street and State Street, so it is close to the library and several churches, as well as a long list of new restaurants, diners, and shops on Water Street.

State Street

Bread of Life's State Street property consists of nine SRO-efficiency units. This location is transitional housing, meaning all residents must have been homeless. Typically, tenants have come directly from our homeless shelter. Vouchers are attached to the units, so outside vouchers are not accepted. The length of stay is intended to be limited to 2 years.

Boothby Street

This property is located on Boothby Street, and it features nine unites in total. BOLM's Boothby Street features 9 units in total. Eight of those units are 2 bedrooms, and one is a 1-bedroom unit.

*The properties listed are all of the properties that Bread of Life owns. They are not a reflection of what Bread of Life has for unit availabilities*