Care for Those in Your Community Who Need Help

Participate in community outreach programs in Augusta, ME

Often times, we take for granted having access to things like reliable housing and food. You can do your part to care for those that aren't as fortunate through community outreach efforts. At Bread of Life Ministries, we operate on the principle that God calls us to minister to one another and help those in need.

Though we're based in Augusta, ME, our soup kitchen, two shelters and housing complexes can be found in their own locations throughout the area. Learn how to get involved today.

We're always seeking ways to grow

At Bread of Life Ministries, we're always seeking to identify needs in our community and design new community outreach programs to fill them. One such program provides case management and care plan services to the homeless in our community that don't often seek recurring help. Our programs are only successful through community donations of water, snack bars, hygiene items and seasonal living items.

You can always get involved, even if you can't donate money or items. Instead, you can donate time by becoming one of our eager volunteers. Call 207-626-3434 now to learn how to apply.

Work with a highly dedicated organization

Not all organizations practice what they preach, but we're proud to be highly involved in several original programs. You'll appreciate that our organization...

  • Has served the community for over 35 years
  • Is funded by the United Way
  • Has dedicated support from donors and volunteers

Our community outreach ministry thrives on the generosity and support of the community. From housing to soup kitchens, we fill any demand for care that we find.